Trailer: Wachowski’s SENSE8 characters get their own trailers

Netflix is on a role with more high profile original series efforts. This latest, a 12 episode sci-fi thriller spanning multiple geographic locations and shot completely on location (no studio set work apparently). The show debuts Friday, June 5th on the streaming service.

The show was created by the Wachowski siblings together with sci-fi veteran J Michael Straczynski and takes the idea of a segment of humanity that has not evolved quite as far as the rest of us, but whose abilities could turn out to be their strength. It will start with 8 of them, but who knows where it will go from here.

As part of their campaign, they’ve released a series of trailers that introduce each of the SENSE8 characters. The Matrix siblings have made a series of misses apparently blamed on studio force edits to their longer than wanted narratives. It will be interesting to see if a TV format that allows for the longer story form will mean better results. Until then, let’s take a look at what to expect.

and of course if you haven’t seen the full series trailer…

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