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A down and out deputy sheriff of a small town finds himself the unwitting participant of an occult ritual, the next full moon he transforms into a wolfman but is able to retain his cognisance and so by night he fights crime in his pimped-out wolf-ride as Wolfcop, while the cult track him down for their own purposes.


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It’s just a month until Halloween, and with it comes all the horror movie festivals you can shake a stick at, so we at Fanboy thought a primer might be in order, gearing us up for the type of films we’ll be viewing; and with copious amounts of violence, shlock, werewolves and it must be said, stupidity, no better film than Wolfcop could be chosen for this purpose.

Fresh from Canada, which is, it seems, the current home of cheap, genre aware horror movies, Wolfcop will no doubt be a fixture of many festivals this year, and placed in that context it will most definitely be the highlight for many people.

As absurd as the synopsis suggests and with the added bonus of myriad wolf puns, this film knows exactly what it wants to be, its observations of werewolf films of the 80’s, and cheap 80’s films in general (another popular trend in contemporary budget filmmaking) are dead-on but pushed to the point of spoofery, the most audacious example of this being a protracted, ‘classy’ love scene between the titular wolf and an eager lady, all set, as you might imagine, to a rousing power ballad.

The genuine horror beats are very few, but a particularly inventive, and somewhat gross, transformation scene will certainly pique the interest of the horror fans, though I suspect it is fans of the absurd that will take the most enjoyment from Wolfcop.


Put it this way, as well as the lovemaking montage, there’s a car modification montage and a driving montage as well as a uniformed wolfman who wields a gun and is more powerful than other lycanthropes because he has alcohol abuse issues… so if that doesn’t stir interest in you, well, you’re probably better leaving it alone.

I’m sure that most of you are already aware of this but cheap cinema can’t be graded on the same level as, say, The Shawshank Redemption… my rule of thumb for this kind of thing is to grade it like you watched and reviewed it whilst drunk (which in this case is actually 50% trueish)… In point of fact, that actually serves as a decent rule of thumb for enjoying Wolfcop to the optimum level, get good and drunk, strap yourself in and have you a fun old time.


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