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Marvel's DAREDEVIL Season 2



Just Saying is back from hiatus so strap in for a great rundown of geek friendly news and discussion-ing. Yes, we are still using that word.

On the agenda this month is the just released DEADPOOL comic2film adaptation from FOX/Marvel.  It’s spoiler talk so, be sure you’ve already seen the film. If you haven’t yet, there’s also the non-spoiler Deadpool review that Richard has for your reading pleasure.  Also covered is the recent news of Blade Runner 2 officially getting a release date along with some cast-crew details; Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 starts filming in Atlanta Georgia and two fantastic new trailers are released (and discussed) for Batman v Superman and the next season of Daredevil which re-introduces Elektra and The Punisher.

Show Notes

  • Breaking News
    • BLADE RUNNER 2 gets a release date of January 12th, 2018 with Denis Villeneuve (SICARIO, ENEMY) at the helm. Cinematographer Roger Deakins (TRUE GRIT, SICARIO) will bring the goods on the visual side of things. The screenplay was written by Hampton Fancher who co-wrote the original film and the new movie stars Harrison Ford in a return to the character he played in the original, along with actor Ryan Gosling in a yet undisclosed role.
    • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol 2 begins production and some casting announcements were made including Kurt Russell, Elizabeth Debicki, Pom Klementieff, and Chris Sullivan.
  • Trailer Reactions
  • DEADPOOL Spoiler Talk
    • Ryan Reynolds stars in this long in development adaptation of the cult classic deadpool comic book series.  Richard and Maurice give their unfiltered impressions of the whole production and speculate on where things could go from here.



BLUR Studio cinematic work is discussed during our DEADPOOL segment and we thought some of you geeks might want to revisit some of the cooler narrative pieces that Tim Miller’s company has gifted the world.

BLURstudio Elder's Scrolls Online

Elder’s Scrolls Online


BLURstudio Fallen Empire

Knights of the Old Republic: Fallen Empire



Batman Arkham Origins





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