Just Saying: ANT-MAN ISH



Just Saying is back with more spoiler filled discussion-ing.  Word coined.  You’re welcome.

Richard and Maurice wax nostalgic and punch holes in plots.  On the agenda this time is the just released ANT-MAN comic2film adaptation from Marvel.  They get all up in the details and spoil stuff so, consider yourself warned.

Show Notes

  • News
    • GHOSTBUSTERS images and details discussed
    • X-MEN APOCALYPSE images and SDCC trailer reactions
    • ANT-MAN movie reviews and views.
  • Reading
    • KILLING GIRL from Glen Brunswick/Frank Espinosa, Image Comics – A young girl is kidnapped by the mob to be a child prostitute, but ends up becoming their enforcer/assassin for hire. Her latest target though might complicate things.
    • HAWKEYE by Matt Fraction – Hawkeye must balance his hazardous day job with his unusual home life.
  • Watching
    • SUBURBAN GOTHIC – Kat Denning and Matthew Gray Gubler star in this really quirky supernatural dark-comedy. Currently available on Amazon Instant Video.
    • JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS & MONSTERS – Bruce Timm helms this return to the DC animation space. It’s the JL Trinity like you’ve never seen them before. In fact, you’ve never seen a DC animated movie quite like this ever.

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