Episode 80: Tom Manning talks RACECAR



Tom Manning is an unassuming, but brilliant comicbook creator whose work we’ve interviewed him on at great length; here, here, and here.

Revealed in a slow burn and always mind bending, his books seemingly defy categorization and are strictly for thinking readers.

His comic work, RUNOFF was a critical hit when it was published and is currently in development as a TV series.  Fans of that work will get to hear more about where that project stands. The story is very David Lynch-ian and what an ending.

ERIC is his most recent book. In fact he’s been working on a follow-up to it for some time now, but has been delayed by his efforts to build a family. Being a proud daddy will do that to the best of them.

This time out though, Tom spoke with us about his very first published effort.  That book; RACECAR is a palindrome about the meaning of existence itself.  Things get a little philosophical or as much as two geeks can muster.

It’s a great listen and probably one of the best insights into the mind of what we consider to be one of the more unique creators working in the medium today.

There be spoilers, major and minor so, you might want to first head on over and read the book itself; before digging into this audio.  You’ll have a much better appreciation for the conversation with that context.

download FREE pdf of RACECAR comicbook

Tom Manning’s website can be found at Robots and Monkeys where you can pickup his other great works.

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