Episode 78: Developing ASHEN Part III



Part III: The Concept Designer

This is the third and final segment in a 3 part interview series I’ve been doing with some of the team members behind the much anticipated PC game title ASHEN.

Thomas Scholes bills himself as a concept artist.  If you’re a gamer you’ll have seen his work in games such as HALO 4 and Guild Wars 2, among others.  We had a good back and forth about his skills, technique, and just general outlook on game art and design.  There’s even some ASHEN news in there.

Enjoy and make sure to listen to the other interviews in the series.


Part I is an interview with AURORA 44 founders Derek Bradley and Leighton Milne. In the episode we chat (high level) about ASHEN. It’s story and gameplay ideas.

Part II is an interview with John Robert Matz , talented music composer based out of the Chicago area who joined the New Zealand team as Sound Designer.


For more info about Thomas Scholes and to view more of his work, visit his website.

For more info about the ASHEN game, visit their website.


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