Episode 60: Just Saying – Asian Action Cinema


Asian Action Cinema

Maurice and Richard talk about their favourite Asian Action. From Miike to Chan Wook Park, or is it Park Chan Woo…oh, never mind. Join these fanboys as they waste an hour and a half of your time talking chop socky films… and see below for some film recommendations.

Richard’s Picks Maurice’s Picks
Popcorn Action/Adventure/Comedy
Police Story Armour of God
Once Upon A Time In China Time and Tide
Eastern Condors Fist of Legend
Fist of Fury The Good, The Bad, and The Weird
Ong-Bak Shaolin Soccer
Gritty Realism
Sonatine Exiled
Oldboy Infernal Affairs
Chaser Beyond Hypothermia
A Bittersweet Life HANA-BI (Fireworks)
The Killer Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
Fantastical Action
Azumi A Chinese Ghost Story
Zu Warriors Of Magic Mountain The Bride With White Hair
Iron Monkey Kunoichi
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Duel To The Death
Hero Goemon

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