Episode 54: 8-bit Fanboys Vol I


8-bit Fanboys Vol 1

Nathan and AJ of Mommy’s Best Games join me to not only talk about what they’ve been working on for the past few months, but also what the future holds at this years Game Developer Conference (GDC).

We talk about MBG’s latest XBOX LIVE Indie game Shoot 1UP. A great, fun, and accessible 2D shooter in the vain of Gradius and R-Type. They’ve just started a great 2D centered blog that you simply have to check out. It’s called 8-Bit Horse and it covers 2D games past and future in such interesting depth that you’ll come away with a new appreciation for this previously dying category.

Also in the show, we get an update on the progress of their upcoming game Grapple Buggy which could be described as Bionic Commando with vehicles. Although that’s only scratching the surface on this very unique 2D explorer/actioner.

Discussion also gets slightly geeky when we contemplate the possibilities of gaming on mobile phones with Microsoft (Windows Phone 7 Series), Palm (Web OS), and others getting into the market big time.

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