Episode 24: Junket Salvage


Junket Salvage

This month’s episode is a little unscheduled. Due to unforseen conflicts, the originally planned interviews for this month did not pan out. I’ve put together some interviews that you might still be interested in checking out though.

Back in July, I was asked by Universal Studios to do some junket interviews for the release of the Hellboy II film. A greatly edited version of my video interviews is available on the official movie production site.

What I have made available for you is the almost completely unedited versions of the string of interviews that I had with the cast and director. It’s very raw, and some of my questions were repetitive from interview to interview, but hopefully I still managed to be insightful or at the least – enjoyable. Also, please forgive the copious ass kissing. I am a fanboy, after all.

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