Episode 01: Tad Stones talks Hellboy Animated features


The Road to Hellboy…

We hang out with Writer/Director/Producer, Tad Stones and talk about past, present, and future, including his current project Hellboy: Sword of Storms.

Lovely Copyright Stills Courtesy of Tad Stones


We discuss our Top News Stories.
Recommended Movies.
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Podcast Notes…

Transformers Cast List:

Optimus Prime (MAC Truck)
Bumblebee (VW Bug)
Jazz – (Porsche)
Ratchet – (Ambulance)
Ironhide – (Fire van)

Megatron (was a Gun – Now an Alien Jet)
Starscream (was an F15 Jet – Now an F22 Raptor)
Brawl – (Tank)
Bonecrusher – (Bulldozer)
Barricade – (unconfirmed)
Scorponok – (Scorpion)
Frenzy – (Cassette tape)
Blackout – (B1 bomber)

Transcript of the Tad Stones Interview:

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