Episode 42: Chuck Hogan

This month’s interview is with author Chuck Hogan. He’s made himself quite a name over the years as a crime and thriller novelist, penning such hits as Killing Moon and Prince of Thieves which is soon to be a film starring Ben Affleck.

Episode 32: Tom Sniegoski

This month’s episode is an interview with author extraordinaire, Thomas E. Sniegoski. He splits his days writing novels and comicbooks. He’s written several original works including the Young Adult series Fallen and routinely dabbles in comics for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and others.

Episode 17: Scott Allie

This month we talk to Sr. Managing Editor at Darkhorse comics, Scott Allie. He’s worked mostly behind the scenes on high profile projects like Buffy, Conan, and the Hellboy series. We spent some quality time with him and discussed all of the above and what’s coming down the line at today’s brightest indie publisher.