Review: Woo-chi The Demon Slayer

Richard takes a look at this fish out of water tale of the wise-cracking wizard Woo-chi as he’s transported from ancient Korea to its modern day in order to fend off an old enemy. How well does it balance its high flying action meets slapstick tone.

Review: Sucker Punch

SUCKER PUNCH is a visual and audible KNOCKOUT!!! ….unfortunately, its plot and acting¬†are merely…


  More like BATTLE:LAme …Aliens invade earth and through insurmountable odds the humans triumph…

Review: Ironclad

There are two things that the British do better than anyone else in the world, insofar as TV and films are concerned, one of them is period based entertainment…

Opinion: Good Evening Sir

Nicholas Courtney has passed, but it’s never too late to discover his legacy. Read our brief on this long standing Doctor Who series regular.

Review: IP Man 2

Donnie Yen returns in this sequel to his popular IP Man. Based on the true story of the Wing Chun grand master who inspired the likes of Bruce Lee and others.