Watch Episode 1 of POWERS tv adaptation for FREE

Sony has released the first episode of their comic2tv adaptation of POWERS, A comicbook from creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. The comics told the story from law enforcements point of view in a world where super powers exist. It’s a buddy cop tale where one character was a former high profile superhero who lost his powers and his partner is a new rookie human he’s been assigned to help him out on the superhero beat. It was an interesting deconstruction of the super-genre told from the non-power side.

Sony will be airing the rest of the show behind a pay wall to Playstation Plus users, but have made this first episode free to Internets as an enticement. Reviews have been trickling in from journalists that have seen several of the episodes and they say that the show gets noticeably better.

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