Director Takashi Miike is the most singularly versatile filmmaker around; bar none. From period pieces like 13 Assassins to wild mind benders like IZO and everything inbetween, he’s a movie director who clearly loves his work and he strives for quality regardless of budget.

His latest effort is an adaptation of popular manga TERRAFORMARS, an action adventure set in the far future when humanity has successfully terraformed the planet Mars, but in doing so has unwittingly unleashed a bit of a bug problem. They’ve genetically engineered cockroaches for a benign purpose, but those roaches have evolved into humanoid beasts with murderous intent. It’s up to a special elite force to go out there and clean house, preparing the formerly red planet for Earth’s evacuation.

Like Gantz before it, Terraformars relishes in no-holds barred violence and unpredictable anyone-can-die plotting and it’s a blast; if you can stomach it.  Miike, who knows how to do fun, violence, and drama, in equal measure — is a great choice to helm this and having read the books this is based on, I can say that the movie looks to be a very faithful adaptation – down to the cartoony looking man-roach hybrids.

Here’s the first full trailer for the live action adaptation…in Japanese.  Not that it matters.

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