Trailer: Star Trek Beyond

I’m sure there’s a reason the Simon Pegg as writer credit zipped by in record time. Not that you needed to see his named credit to immediately figure out that he had a significant impact on the direction of this latest outing. Folks, this is a new Star Trek.

The first thing that sticks out to me is the choice of music. The elevated humor is new too, but the modern elements like rock ‘n’ roll tunes with cowboy-level action. That part is all Justin Lin (the best Fast and Furious series outings) I’m sure. Gone seem to be the gravitas and serious tonings that came with a new Trek feature. There’s still danger and alien civilizationing, but it feels like this outing is more about the fun and less about the spreading of world peace and prosperity. You know what though; I’m digging it.

I’m not sure how the more diehard trekkers will take this, but I think it works. I think if it has anything going for it that could bring together the previously disillusioned fans, it would be that the story appears to be fairly original and outside of the canon retconning of the previous JJ Abrams films. Those didn’t sit well with me either gang. Maybe why I’m ok with what they’re doing here. It doesn’t feel like they’re going to simply and poorly rehash a previous timeline story. More please.

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