Trailer: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (anime)

Described as Attack on Titan with brains, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a brand new anime coming exclusively to the Amazon Prime streaming service. The plot tells the story of a world where the last surviving human settlements subsist within their walled townships and can only really travel between each other via a heavily armored railway system. Outside the walls is a zombie apocalypse; the zombies are called Kabane and are really hard to kill mainly because their hearts are encased in steel enclosures. Sounds quite a bit like Titans already. Like that other series, there’s a special force of humans who have been trained to take on the anti-human menace.

btw, ironically the same studio that produced Attack on Titan did this show, as well so, really they’re just ripping themselves off. Or is it improving on their own formula. You be the judge.

No date announced yet for the non-Japanese release (comes out April 7th for the Japanese), but I’m sure Amazon will have it all over their websites when it does make its eventual debut

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