Trailer: Independence Day Resurgence

Old and new actors come together to bring us the long rumored and somewhat anticipated sequel to the mother of all alien invasion movies; ID4 (Independence Day). Looks like they’re not skimping on the spectacle this time either with everything going bigger and badder on both sides of the fight.

The story picks up in real-time from the events of 1996 where after defeating the original alien menace; humanity did not sit still, they have been learning from the alien technology and have thought themselves prepared for anything. Of course in great movie fashion, enemies don’t sit still either and they’re back with an even bigger challenge than our original protagonists anticipated.

Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, and Brent Spiner all return and are joined by Liam Hemsworth, Sela Ward, William Fitchner, and Angelababy among others. It’s a star studded cast and the storyline seems to portend lots of popcorn munching goodness as only filmmaker Roland Emmerich (who also returns at the helm) can bring.

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