Trailer: Garm Wars – The Last Druid


Mamoru Oshii is known to most mainstream audiences as anime director behind the popular Ghost In The Shell film series, as well as the Patlabor animated tv and film series.  To the more hardcore among us, he’s also known for his experimental live action films which he’s been making for about as long as the animated work.  Films like Red Spectacles, Stray Dog which later became the animated cult classic Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Avalon.

The esoteric subject matter makes most of his live action efforts unpalatable to some, but serious film fans shouldn’t hesitate to seek them out.  This latest film, however, appears to be more of the sort of thing that general audiences might enjoy without an encyclopedia.

The film is set in a scifi future torn by war.  The various factions fight their battles with clone armies and society has forgotten why they fight.  The plot appears to follow one of these clones as it discovers the truth behind the world.  So, basically it’s Star Wars from the point of view of a rogue Storm Trooper.  Interesting.

Here’s the trailer and head over to ANN for more news.



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