Review: You’re Next

You're Next

The story…

A well to do extended-family have their annual get-together in a remote vacation house and are then stalked and killed by a gang of masked assailants, but to what end?


The review…

I know what you’re thinking, “WOW, that plot break-down sure does make this horror flick sound like a real trailblazer”, and you’re thinking it in your sarcastic voice, and add to that the fact that this film has been in the can for over two years, and you’ll probably be wondering if there’s anything to recommend You’re Next at all.

Well, it’s been getting some pretty favourable reviews, which is becoming a bit of a rarity for horror film that are actually making it to the multiplexes these days, and further more it actually has a few new things to put into the pot.

Right from the off You’re Next seems like it could be a by-the-numbers ‘edgey’ psycho killer film; not so much you’re run of the mill, teen slasher flick, more like the classily shot, adult aimed killer films in the vein of The Strangers or Funny Games, but just when you’re settling yourself in for a horrid, if slightly boring, slaughter fest, it’s starts throwing other things at you.

At first this wasn’t entirely welcome on my part, as one of the first elements thrown into the mix was that mass panic dynamic, with all the screaming and shouting that such a thing entails; one of my least favourite movie situations, but then an unlikely voice of reason sets in and the film’s dynamic changes again, which itself is a sort of theme for the film, changing dynamics.

To give a blow by blow account of how would spoil your enjoyment, but there’s a little something in there for most horror fans, even those who dig the over the top eighties stuff.

The cast are fairly unrecognisable, but all do a decent enough job, and as far as plot is concerned there’s some originality in there, even if it’s relatively predictable in the context of the plot.

The kill scenes, though grizzly, are, for the most part, deceptively suggestive, subjecting you to the ramifications rather than the act, which is a pleasantly old fashioned way to go about things, but what is most interesting about You’re Next are the numerous role reversals to most films of this type, which vary from subtle to ridiculously on-the-nose, but again, I will remain vague to bolster your own surprise and/or enjoyment.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you’d be witnessing a future genre classic with You’re Next, in fact some may forget about it even as they’re leaving the screening, but there’s fun to be had for those with a taste or tolerance for shifting tones and it’s a welcome break from all the ghost and exorcism films that are doing the rounds at the minute.



C+ grade – for storytelling

B- grade – for visuals

C+ grade – for acting

B- grade – for horror content

Overall grade – B-


You’re Next is currently on theatrical release in the U.S and the U.K.


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