Review: The Long,Slow Death of a Twenty-Something


As a geek to the highest order,it wasn’t so long ago,in a galaxy far,far, away… that I had to be sequestered in the proverbial nerd closet.

Whether it be from  stupidity, naivete or…heck ,who am I kidding, I was kinda ashamed and embarrassed.

But as it has been said “The Geeks shall inherit the Earth”!!!

And Larry Longstreth humorous indie film “The Long,Slow Death of a Twenty-Something” embraces that quote to the Nth degree!!!

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Ben Baker is a mediocre person at a mediocre job and spends most of his time drinking,smoking pot and playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons.All is well,until a rather unexpected thing happens to him and everyone he knows…”big”3-0″.

Is this familiar to anyone here?…Bueller?…Bueller?

Heck, I raise my hand up wholeheartedly!!!

For the most part ,(writer/director/star) Longstreth takes the viewer on a journey that most individuals in geekdom have taken or are about to take…if they are to fulfil their ultimate quest of…THE RING OF IMMORTALITY!!!..actually it’s  ring of doom called…ADULTHOOD!!!(without losing your self-respect and all your action figures that are in mint condition and still in the box).

The writing and directing at times is clever and  actually out-“CLERKS”,”CLERKS”!

Longstreth as our hero ,plays “Ben” as an every-geek who ultimately has one Chuck Taylor in Responsibility-ville and the other firmly placed in Geekatopia.The third act of the film is funny and heartwarming.

With a fun soundtrack from “The Black Keys” drummer,Patrick Carney to ever-watchful “Eye of Sauron”Producer of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Mark Ordesky…

Larry Longstreth’s “The Long Slow Death of a Twenty-Something” is a coming of age flick(30 to be exact)that is witty yet surprisingly endearing.

The DVD is available for preorder  at BESTBUY and AMAZON

’til next time Cabrones!!!



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  • March 21, 2012

    Mary A. Rowe

    Now I want to see it, although the big 3-0 is long in my past, LOL!