Review: Sector 7

The Story

An oil rig crew is cutoff from civilization during a heavy storm.  Normally quite routine, but not this time as now they’ve been stranded with sea monster hellbent on having them for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Oil Rig

South Korea is one of those film markets that you can consistently count on to give you at least one great movie a year, in every genre.  From drama to horror, to comedy and scifi.  They generally have something for everyone. As with all markets, however, you can always expect some multiple of that number of unworthy imitators.  Sector 7 unfortunately falls into that latter category.

The narrative is decidedly B movie grade.  Science experiment gone a-rye produces a dirty secret that threatens humanity, unless the surprisingly un-callused and beautiful rig workers can save the day.

Of course there’s nothing inherently wrong with B movies, but I think filmmakers sometimes forget what the true definition of a B movie is.  I’ll give them a hint.  It isn’t A grade budgeted films with lazy storytelling.  I’ll save you the trouble of spoiling the entire film in order to explain just how shoddy the narrative is, but suffice it to say — if you’re going to see this film, leave your brain far away from the sitting room.  Nothing to see here.

Spikes, Glowy Things, Lots of slime, oh and Terminator

The other less than stellar bit about this film is the creature design. Probably one of the more crappy designs I’ve seen in a long while.  Not since The Relic have I seen such silly combinations on one animal.  It was unforgivable when Peter Hyams did it, but still someone saw fit to repeat history.  When you have the money to do it right, there’s just no excuse for getting it so wrong.

All This To Say

So, I didn’t like the story and I most certainly didn’t appreciate the monster that this film so heavily revolves around.  F grade is it?  Surprisingly no.  I rather enjoyed myself on this one.

The film’s one saving grace is the relentless and utterly absurd action and violence.  Oh, and that geek with the swelling lip.  You have to see him to understand.  Nothing can prepare you.

Once you get past the crappy story and the body count begins; it gets really sort of fun.  The “sea monster” is so unstoppable and keeps coming back from the dead so many times that it falls into parody.  Glorious, violent, fireball parody and you will probably laugh and MST3K it all night long.  Yep, I think I might just be recommending this one to you.


D grade for Creature design

C- grade for narrative

B+ for over-the-top action

An overall grade of C+ that still manages to give the audience a fun monster of an actioner.


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