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After having sex with a boy who isn’t all he appears to be, Jay finds herself cursed and being stalked by some form of relentless entity, with little recourse but to somehow pass the curse on.


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We don’t see many horror films with original concepts these days, just, and usually at best, interesting takes on well trodden ground; so, excitement stirred when hype started building about a fresh and terrifying horror film by a hot new talent.

In the mainstream press AND the horror community David Roberty Mitchell’s, It Follows, was making some pretty impressive waves with enough authority to make the average horror fan’s ears prick up, but on viewing, does it deserve the (relative) level of hype?

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From this reviewer’s perspective, the answer has to be a tentative “not really”.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a very accomplished and affecting horror movie, just not as scary or original as the word would have you believe.

For all intents and purposes this is just another (admittedly smart and singular) iteration of the supernatural-stalker-killer sub-genre, and only as terrifying as that entails.

Mitchell has gone to pains to fill a film with what HE obviously finds scary in horror films; an unstoppable, faceless (not literally) creature walking slowly and ominously towards its prey, and to his much deserved credit he has found a stylish, dignified and pacey way to do this within a film that never outstays its welcome and that is gripping throughout.

It’s a solidly written affair, with roundly constructed and performed characters in a slickly shot but minimal setting, with some fun, retro music cues and all executed in an old fashioned, slow boiling manner that credits the audience with enough patience to stick with it, which, sure, is novel for the average theatrical horror release, but not so much for avid horror fans.

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So, while not quite as original as the hype would have you believe, It Follows, is nonetheless an accomplished and well made horror flick that adds an interesting and new slant to a familiar sub-genre, though it’s level of fear inducement is entirely dependent on your own susceptibility to stalk and slay horror.


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