Review: Freakshow #1

The Story…

Soon after the world is shocked by the arrival of Vanguard (a costumed man with amazing powers); a vicious chemical explosion strikes the city leaving thousands dead and more still sick.

The city is put under quarantine and martial law by a secretive para-military organization, but something still roams free in the wreckage. Something monstrous, and it wants revenge…

The Art…

Up and coming artist Joe Suitor tackles the art for this first in a 3 issue arc.  Suitor has cut his teeth on popular titles at Marvel, DC, and IDW, as well as his own Monoluminant.

His ability to draw fluid, kinetic characters and action sequences is well suited to FreakShow’s not so merry band of mutants.  From the chameleon-like Critter to the character of Stronghold with his over-steroided musculature.  Suitor was a good pick for the penciling of this book.  I hear good things about issues 2 and 3 so, I’m looking forward to seeing where the story takes us.

My one misgiving with Suitor is that he’s not the best colorist.  The book could probably have used a more inspired palette.

The Storytellers

Long time fans of Fanboy Confidential may remember the name David Server.  David is one half of the original founding team for Fanboy Confidential.  He was my original co-host and creative partner on the podcast and responsible for some of our better interview and discussion episodes.  Some may have wondered what happened to him and I think this book can be used to explain part of that.

Freakshow is a creation of both David and partner in crime Jackson Lanzing who together have been trying to get this book published for a couple years now.  Athough this was their first attempt at a comic book, it’s not the first book they’ve had published. The Server/Lanzing team managed to throw together the critically received comics based on the Penguins of Madagascar.  Still FreakShow should be considered their first effort despite its tardy release schedule.

The story has lost a few issues and a couple nuances on the road to publishing, but there’s still plenty of intrigue to be had from this tale of a group of formerly normal citizens who find themselves in a dire situation with nothing left but each other and revenge for what’s been done to them.

Admittedly there’s probably a little bias playing into my review as I’d read the original pitch for this book that suggests so much more than I think the writing team will be able to fit into the 3 issues they’ve been shoehorned into.  Still I think most of the story remains intact and I look forward to reading the fate of our featured creatures.

If you’re looking for your monster action fix, you won’t go wrong with this FreakShow.


B- grade for the Storytelling

C+ grade for the Art

Overall a grade of B-


Original surviving founder of Fanboy Confidential, the podcast, and this supporting website. This is the fruit of his labor, created while on his off days from saving orphaned children from forest fires.

Only some of this is true.

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