Review: FATALE #2 (comics)

FATALE #2 Cover

The Story

A reporter in 2012 stumbles on a secret that leads him down the darkest path imaginable… to a seductive woman who’s been on the run since 1935, from a mobster who may just be an immortal demon monster, and the stories of all the doomed men who’ve been caught in their decades-long struggle.

Of Monsters and Men

Things just got interesting.  In the first issue, we were introduced to our protagonists — the not yet defined Nicolas Lash and Jo, the mysterious woman (femme fatale) he meets at the funeral of his godfather (and investigative journalist) Hank Raines.

For now the story has concentrated mostly on the story of the godfather.  We’ve gone back in time to the 50s and Josephine has turned Raines’ previously by-the-numbers life upside down.

We’ve also had hints about a mobster with his metaphorical tentacles in everyone’s soup.  Also last issue was the introduction to a nasty death cult that may have some connection to said mobster known thus far only as Bishop.  We’re light on the details, but got just enough to set us up for the rest of this 12 issue series.

In this latest release (issue number 2) our sights are steered towards our previously unseen mobster, Bishop.  We get our first glimpse of him (forked tongue and all) as he interacts with various characters, in each case quite unfriendly.  Whereas the first issue skipped any chance of the fantastical, this issue presents us with several unmistakeably demonic visuals. It’s made quite evident that Bishop is very likely this universe’ version of scratch since in typical scratch fashion, “life” long deals are made and then quite quickly regretted.  Souls are sold and collected and demon possession abounds.

Considering the way the fantasy elements were handled in the last issue, I was pretty surprised at how in your face and overt those same elements were presented this time out.  I’m actually pretty happy to see it, but surprised nonetheless.  I look forward to seeing how far it’s taken in future issues.

The narrative is starting to take shape, a bit of a trickle, but just enough to keep interest for the next issue.  I, for one, am looking forward to it.



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