E3 Trailer: PREY (2017)

Last night BETHESDA confirmed many fans hopes that they’d see a return to the PREY franchise. The 2006 alien invasion franchise was a first-person shooter that had a Native American protagonist taking on an alien invasion. It was a moderately successful title and introduced some unique game mechanics that made it quite the joy to play. Things like gravity defying wall crawling and teleportation; not to mention the creepy

A sequel was talked about with a Blade Runner-esque concept demo shown off some years later, but then nothing.

Well, now we have our first look at what the game will be and it appears they’ve discarded everything, but the most basic plot points. More re-imagining than sequel by the looks of it. Well, here — look for yourself (original PREY game trailer also included).

PREY (2017)

PREY (2006)

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