Review: BATMAN: Arkham City The Comic

So…have your thumbs been itching to play the sequel to critically acclaimed and fan favorite video game BATMAN:Arkham Asylum,BATMAN:Arkham City? Well,sorry junior dark knight detectives… you’re gonna have to wait until the fall of this year.

But I do have some good news for you…DC Comics has just launched the first issue of a five part mini-series based on the video game.Written by Batman guru,Paul Dini(who also wrote the story for the video game) and drawn by the video game conceptual artist Carlos D’Anda.

“Arkham City’ takes place one year after the original game.The story deals with former Asylum warden, Quincy Sharp who’s now the mayor of Gotham City.He has decided to close the asylum doors and branch out to establish “Arkham City”,the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham’s thugs ,gangsters and criminally insane.

This city within a city is set within heavily fortified walls,where the inmates can roam free as long as they don’t try to escape.And who has Sharp appointed to run this urban prison…none other than Dr. Hugo Strange,a man who knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Intrigued?…I am! This mini-series gives the reader a back story that will make game play even more intense.Having insight to some of the characters that will show up the new game make for a more fulfilling gaming experience.The first issue lacks in action set pieces.But knowing that this first issue ,Dini is just laying the ground work for a more compelling story.D’anda’s art  only adds to the intriging storytelling.I cannot wait for the next issue.Also for you lovers of digital comics the mini-series is also available for download.


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