Opinion: Monsterpalooza 2015


Wolfman by sculptor Mike Hill


Twice a year, Hollywood’s best and brightest from the effects industry congregate to share their loves and learnings for the oft marginalized medium.  Part trade show; part museum to the cool; the Monsterpalooza convention is the place to be if you want to rub shoulders with fellow connoisseurs of rubber, paint, and super sculpey.

Though it’s grown since our first visit some time back, it remains (for the moment) a relatively small affair compared to what you may be used to at your typical comics convention.  The sheer amount of concentrated talent in one place is well worth attendance, however.  Last year, for example, within the span of 15 minutes we ran into Steven Wang (Guyver, Predator), Rick Baker (Harry and the Hendersons, American Werewolf in London), and Jordu Schell (MIB, Galaxy Quest), just to name a few.  It’s wall to wall and busting with talent.  Even though it is a great place to see and talk to these creators, even better is the chance you get to stand close up and nose to hair from some of their creations.


This year Rick Baker’s shop put a bunch of classic creations up for auction during the convention with things like Michael Jackson’s robot face from Moonwalker, Hellboy’s face prosthetic, and a number of full size undocumented workers from Men In Black.  It’s a lot of fun to see these marvelously detailed props and pieces and for many, it will be the only way they ever get to see these anywhere.

Here’s a video highlighting one of the cooler things on display at the convention; as reported on by the folks at TESTED.COM — check out further down for more images of Monsterpalooza.

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