Opinion: Guardians of the Galaxy animated musings


Anyone watching the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series that’s currently running on Disney XD?  Well, you should be.  You might just get some hints at things to come in the live action side of thing. Need more reasons to watch? Here you go; in pictures.


THOR’s sister ANGELA. Could she be making an introduction in RAGNAROK (the next live action film)


J’Son and Victoria of Spartax (Father and Half-Sister of Peter Quill). Rumor has it this is who Kurt Russell and Elizabeth Debicki will be playing)


Things get hairy as GotG introduces us to our first major INHUMAN. Medusa is the matriarch of the Inhumans and a married woman!


You’ve never seen the Guardians looking quite like this. Cosplay ideas; anyone?


Hold on now. What’s going on in the background?! Oh, it’s just Supremor!


The badass future member of the Guardians, Mantis is introduced in awkward fashion. She will be played by actress Pom Klementieff in Volume 2 of the live action films.


This dude just keeps showing up.


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Only some of this is true.

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