Opinion: 5 Hopes For DAREDEVIL Season 2


Not that we were surprised this was going to happen (after the success of the first season), it’s time now to speculate and geek-out on the possibilities for a second season. What would we change, what would we like to see — here are just 5 ideas.

1) Better Fight Scenes
Although we came out of our binge viewing of season 1 proclaiming Daredevil the best superhero TV series ever, there is one element that this not-so-humble fanboy would like to see improved in a second series. Give us more daring-do.

As fun and hard hitting as the fights were in the current season, the choreography didn’t quite live up to “the Man Without Fear” moniker that we readers of the source material have come to know. We believe there’s a few things that can be done to truly set the fight sequences apart from anything that’s been seen in this format. For one thing, we’d love to see more exotic martial arts being used. We appreciate that they wanted to imbue some street level realism into the story and hence they went with an Old Boy (they did it first) and The Raid style of action, but we think it would be much cooler to have Daredevil employ more acrobatics and unpredictability to his combat. Not Parkour, mind you…acrobatics for the sake of being cool would not be consistent with the spirit of what they tried to do here — and yes I acknowledge that they employed some parkour here and there.  It was inappropriate there too, and it was very minimal.

What we would like to see is more unique and interesting ways of dodging and attacking that employ more athletic actions.  Remember what he did with his baton in the opening action sequence of the series (the rescue of the slave girls at the docks).  Imagine that kind of out-of-box thinking with his body and not just his weapons.  His body and his blindness should be just as interesting a weapon.  His superhuman abilities allow him to be far more aware of his environment and it would be nice to be able to see a fight style that embraces that fact.

His master Stick was trained by one of the early members of what would become The Hand, a centuries old ninja cult. For a guy trained by a ninja, there’s not a whole lot of ninjaring going on. This is an opportunity to stretch and play with this mystery to come up with and in essence redefine the combat capabilities based off this mythic background while the storytelling is still nascent.

2) More Stick

Changing up Matt’s fighting style needs an organic introduction and that means (to us) a re-introduction of Stick, Matt’s mentor and martial arts instructor. We imagine that Stick hasn’t really taught Matt everything he knows. It may seem like he was bested by his pupil in season 1, but he probably knew Matt was just throwing an irrational temper tantrum and allowing him to think he won is a logical way to have ended that confrontation.  Let Matt win and give him the perception of having the upper hand; let him cool down.  He’ll come to understand (in time) that Stick was right when he finally encounters the true evil and power of the coming enemy.  When that happens, it’s time to take his training to the next level.

The death of someone close to Matt seems like a good button to push him back to Stick.  Maybe a Karen Page murder in the offing.

3) The Hand
This super secret death cult has been around a long time and they are the sworn enemies of the group that Stick hails from — The Chaste. While it’s possible that The Hand could be the main villain that the broader DEFENDERS team will have to collaborate to overcome — in their upcoming series; Fanboy Confidential has previously speculated that we believe the more logical enemy for the Defenders is Hydra as has occurred in the comics.  Hydra is still making their way to the surface in the various Marvel TV and movie properties, but they haven’t truly come out in force as we here believe they will.  Not since Captain America The First Avenger anyway.  Because of that, we feel strongly that they’re the more likely candidate to fear.  The Hand are more secretive (they’re ninjas for crying out loud) by their nature.

Especially after the events of this season, we believe The Hand is poised to come after Matt Murdock hard.  How better than to place a bounty on the red devil and there are more than a few choice assassins up for the task.  Maybe even one in particular…


4) Elektra

Elektra has been mentioned, though not by name, in the first season. I’d love to see her introduced in the second season if for no other reason than that she will be a unique addition emotionally because she understands both Matt’s regular joe AND his vigilante persona. Also, she would be a great way to introduce the greater world of The Chaste and The Hand to him having been trained by both sides and subsequently chosen the darker side of the two.  He’d also be (understandably) more receptive of this expositional information coming from a pretty face rather than from the dude he just had serious fisticuffs with in the prior season.  Pride and all that.

Also, this is an excellent chance to showcase a Daredevil vs Elektra fight. We’d like it very much if Elektra wins said fight.

5) Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk
Seeing as this is sometimes a show about lawyering, wouldn’t it be so cool to pit Matt Murdock up against a feisty opposition?! We love how the show managed to make subtle references to other Marvel universe entities and it would be nice to make a not so subtle, but really big impacting reference to this fan favorite character. Don’t even have to identify her as She-Hulk in the series. It’ll be enough to take advantage of her non-superhero aspect.

Jennifer Walters could be a way to bring some occasional levity to the show and a likeable foil for Matt on the non-super side of things.  Other than his buddy Foggy Nelson, she could be a positive addition to his life.

So, those are our 5 ideas for the second season of the series.  What would you like to see in the future?  Season 2 is already scheduled to debut in 2016 and we can’t wait.


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Only some of this is true.

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