Trailer Arrives For Innaritu’s BIUTIFUL


Though it premiered to a somewhat mixed critical response in Cannes, Alejandro Innaritu’s Biutiful still took some hardware in the form of a Best Actor award for star Javier Bardem.

Does he deserve it? Word from the press is yes but now you can take a look for yourself as Empire has just premiered the international trailer for the latest by the director of 21 Grams and Babel.

« Biutiful » is the story of Uxbal. Devoted father. Tormented lover.
Mystified son. Underground businessman. Friend of the disposed. Ghost
seeker. Spiritual sensitive. A survivor at the invisible margins in
today’s Barcelona. Uxbal, sensing the danger of death, tries to
reconcile with love and save his children, as he tries to save himself.
Uxbal’s story is simple: just one of the complex realities that we all
live in today.

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