Russell Brand & Luis Guzman Are The New Batman And Robin… (Well, Sort Of!)

batman - russell brandChristopher Nolan and Christian Bale can step aside — there’s a new dynamic duo in town steering the “Batman” franchise in a very, uh, interesting new direction.

Apparently, fans don’t have to wait until Nolan returns to Gotham City with “Batman 3” in 2012 to get their next dose of the Caped Crusader. Instead, all they have to do is wait for Russell Brand’s “Arthur” remake to arrive in theaters next year. Having already taken a ride in the Batmobile, Brand’s titular mischievous millionaire continues to let his DC Comics freak flag fly in new set photographs obtained by Coming Soon.

To say any more would ruin the surprise, so hit the jump and see the new Dark Knight for yourself!



Quite frankly, there are no words in the English language to accurately describe the new Batman and Robin team, though the term “LOL” certainly works in a pinch. Your eyes do not deceive you: that’s Brand wearing a classic rubber Batman suit, nipples and all, as “Traffic” and “Boogie Nights” star Luis Guzman saddles up as his Boy Wonder.

Exactly why these two comedians are running around New York City like it’s Halloween remains to be seen, but suffice it to say, this is one truly unique take on the “Batman” mythos. It goes without saying that all of us here on the Splash Page team are officially on the edge of our collective seat waiting to learn more — those of us who haven’t already fallen over with laughter, that is!

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Source: Splash Page

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