News: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Below you’ll find our latest, most revealing look at the second part in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of interpretations. There’s been some speculation about what part of the original tale would make it and what would be integrated in based on Tolkien’s other supplemental works.

From the Hobbit proper we see that Mirkwood forest, its spiders, and its elves are intact; even a brief glimpse of Beorn the shape-shifter. We also finally get to hear what Benedict (Sherlock/Star Trek Into Darkness) Cumberbatch sounds like as the dragon Smaug and are introduced to the world of humans in Dale.

Also, glimpsed are moments clearly not from the original Hobbit storyline. This primarily involves the goings on of wizard Gandalf as he investigates this great new evil that’s creeped into the world. We spy the beginnings of Sauron’s army and more Thranduil than we’re used to. Oh, and Legolas apparently has a bigger part than expected as well as, a love interest.

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