New US Trailer And Poster For Matt Reeves’ LET ME IN


From the sounds of things Matt Reeves has been winning over the skeptics at the San Diego Comic Con. The latest effort from the director of Cloverfield is an English language adaptation of Swedish vampire novel Let Me In, one which is clearly very closely familiar with the hit Swedish arthouse horror film adaptation Let The Right One In – the US title is actually the more accurate translation of the source novel’s title – but which Reeves insists is just as much a fresh adaptation of the source material.

The producers of the film have come to Comic Con armed with a fresh US trailer for the film – embedded below – along with a series of never before seen clips that have been impressing. Not being at Comic Con myself this year I’m going to have to refer you to other people’s thoughts. Such as io9 over here. And Cinematical over here. And Slashfilm here. Universal consensus: It looks great.

The new trailer isn’t wildly different from the earlier, international version but you can find it below.

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