New ‘Thor’ Photo Offers More Odin And, Well… Thor

ThorEarlier this week, an image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki from director Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming “Thor” adaptation appeared online.

And while the earlier picture didn’t receive universal acclaim, a newly released photo of Hemsworth and Hopkins may get a better reception.

The picture was first discovered at Superhero Hype and appears to have been scanned from a magazine. The image depicts a more stoic moment between Odin and his son, Thor.


Back in April, the first picture of Hemsworth also debuted online and seemed to be directly inspired by the designs of former “Thor” artist, Olivier Coipel.

When previously asked about his costume, Hemsworth indicated it wasn’t exactly built for comfort.

“I put the [costume] on and said ‘It’s not very comfortable, but it looks amazing, so it’s all good,'” related Hemsworth. “And then a couple of weeks in, I thought ‘It’s getting more and more uncomfortable,’ and at the end of three, four months it was a pretty difficult thing to wake up and put on every morning. But it’s sells such an image in the picture. It does a lot of the work for you.”

Prior to that, Hopkins offered his take on the relationship between Thor and Odin.

“I don’t just play a father, I play the god-father” explained Hopkins. “[Odin’s] a stern man. He’s a man with purpose. I play the god who banishes his son from the kingdom of Asgard because he screwed up. He’s a hot-headed, temperamental young man — probably a chip off of the old block — but I decide he’s not really ready to rule the future kingdom, so I banish him.”

“Thor” will be released in 3-D on May 4, 2011.

What are your thoughts on the latest image from “Thor”? Would the Jack Kirby designed costumes have worked on film? Sling your hammers and let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!

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