Korean Horror Goes First-Person With DESERTED HOUSE


Korea becomes the latest country to jump on the home video / first person perspective horror train with the upcoming Deserted House. Much more Paranormal Activity than [REC], this one falls into the haunted house mold with director Lee Cheol-ha injecting a good bit more style than most efforts of the type. A particularly good move: Hiring a dancer / contortionist to really get the creep factor cranked up.

In 42 years, 6 people have disappeared! 8 people have died! There have been 11 murders! Everyone is afraid of the deserted house with the ghosts. It is prohibited to enter if you are alive. But three deserted home society members and three filming team members enter the deserted house. They break the taboo of deserted homes and enter the world of spirits. But they disappear one day… And there is only a video they left behind…

Source: News

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