Fantasia 2010: Canadian Survival Slasher IF A TREE FALLS In Trailer Form.


It’s been a busy Fantasia for Chad Archibald and his Black Fawn Films. Not only is Archibald at the festival with his directorial effort Neverlost but he is also a producer on Philip Carrer’s survival horror effort If A Tree Falls.

Due to have its world premiere on July 24th, here’s an excerpt from the festival program guide:

A small group of young people are going on a road trip, planning on some
camping into the woods. Once at their destination, the plan is to swim,
relax and drink. However, a pack of menacing miscreants, not exactly
chatty types, is lurking nearby. These strangers seem to have an unusual
definition of the word fun, one that has a lot to do with suffering,
and they get a kick out of filming themselves while having their “fun.”
It’s pretty clear that IF A TREE FALLS won’t lead to a happy

The trailer for this grindhouse throwback lurks below.

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