Alexandre Aja Adapting Terasawa Buichi’s SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA?


What’s next for Piranha 3D director Alexandre Aja once he’s done with his hungry, hungry fish? Quite possibly a feature film adaptation of cult manga / anime title Space Adventure Cobra. Though I’ve not been able to find this confirmed anywhere else, fan site Cobraworld is reporting that it is coming.

Originally a manga by Terasawa Buichi that ran from 1978 to 1984 before spawning an anime series and animated feature, this is pulpy stuff that still has a loyal following in parts of the world. Word is that Aja and Gregory Levasseur will co-direct the live action feature with Don Pennington providing the visual effects. For those unfamiliar, here’s how Wikipedia describes the original manga:

Johnson, a worker for a futuristic trading company, got woken up on a
Sunday morning by his robotic maid, Ben. Ben suggested that Johnson go
to the Trip Movie Corporation (T.M. Company), a company that lets its
guests experience a dream as if it were real. Johnson asked to be the
king of Harlem, surrounded by beautiful women, and commanding a
battlestar. In his dream, Johnson as “Cobra” explored space with his
partner Lady Armaroid. Cobra wielded the “Psychogun” and fought off
monsters from other planets and most of all the Pirate Guild, the leader
being Captain Vaiken whom he let loose. Vaiken distributed Cobra’s
picture to all the other pirates making him a wanted man. When the dream
ended a woman asked Johnson how the dream was, Johnson responding, and
the woman correcting to the fact it should have been about him being the
king of Harlem.

On Johnson’s way back home, he crashed into a man speeding in his
car. He recognized the man, who looked identical to Captain Vaiken.
Johnson started explaining how he looked like Vaiken right in front of
him, thus making Vaiken think he knew something about Cobra. Johnson
unconsciously lifted his right arm as if he had a gun. Johnson shot a
ray out of his hand, killing Vaiken. The shot blew up his arm, revealing
the Psycho-gun. Johnson hurried back home, where Ben noticed his arm
and Johnson realized that he did not remember anything from the last
three years that he had lived in his house. Johnson looked into a
mirror, which he turned a nob to reveal a secret room behind it, which
he looked inside to see his revolver
which he used in his dream. Lady Armaroid came out from hiding within
Ben. Johnson started to remember more, and at that moment many people
were recruited by the Pirate Guild to come in and kill Johnson. Johnson
killed the recruited people and started to remember that he is Cobra and
he was wanted by the Pirate Guild and he was sick of fighting them off.
In order to get away from them, Cobra surgically altered his face and
had his memories erased. Lady Armariod told Cobra that Trip Movie
triggered his sub-conscious and instead brought back old memories. Once
more, Lady Armaroid and Cobra set off to all the adventures that come

Cobra later meets Jane Royal, one of the Royal sisters, in a bar.
Jane Royal teams up with Cobra and Lady to find the other two Royal
sisters, whose tattoo maps lead to the greatest treasure in the whole

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