News: UNCHARTED 4 delayed to 2016

The Last of Us and the Uncharted videogame series are some of the most impressive narrative gameplay on any platform.  Naughty Dog, the developers behind both franchises, have been outdoing themselves and the industry; setting the AAA bar of quality with every successive effort.  Uncharted 4, their latest installment in that series, has been on the most anticipated list for most console gamers since its announcement in late 2013.  Most had expected it to be released sometime this year, but the devs at Naughty Dog have now announced that the game will be delayed several months to the spring of 2016, giving them more time to polish the title.

With the recent disappointment of the other Playstation 4 exclusive flagship title The Order 1886, Uncharted had really been the only other flagship expected to be released this year.  Other than that game, PS4 will continue to rely on third-parties to fill their AAA staple this calendar year (unless there’s a surprise at E3 in June).  Reasons for the delay have been unsurprisingly attributed to the game being more ambitious than expected.  My read is that they oversold the game earlier this year in their first gameplay reveal and are now realizing they have to sustain that level of polish for more than a few minutes.  If you haven’t seen the footage below, you should.  It should explain all you need to know.


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