News: Titanfall will feature giant monsters

The action game Titanfall has been getting a heap of press over the last few days and rightly so. It’s from the original creators of the mega popular first-person shooter series, Call of Duty. RESPAWN as the team call themselves now have created a game that combines traditional FPS gameplay mechanics with fanboy-pleasing use of jetpacks and mecha/robot suits.

titanfall_creatures0The game isn’t officially out yet, but RESPAWN has made available a FREE taste by way of a PC and XBOX ONE beta to all players on those platforms. We’ve played this unique shooter ourselves and can confirm it’s a lot of fun to die, over and over again. It is a mere beta though so, players are only exposed to a very small portion of the content available in the future retail game. Enter IGN with their quick overview of the soon to be released ART OF TITANFALL book.

The book amazingly reveals for the first time that Titanfall will involve more than soldiers shooting soldiers, and robots. As the game takes place across multiple worlds and landscapes, some of those locations will be inhabited by everything from annoying creepy crawlies to mountain sized KAIJU-style creatures.

For more details check out the video embed below. Titanfall comes out March 11th for PC and XBOX ONE and March 25th for X360. The book is out the end of February.

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