News: Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2 for Influx


News hits the web this weekend that director of the successful Deadpool comic2film adaptation Tim Miller has dropped out of helming the sequel.  He apparently had creative differences with the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds.  Reynolds has been the main driving force behind getting the franchise off the floor having personally picked up costs for hiring screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to finish the original film’s script.  So, although it will be a big shame if this news is true, I wouldn’t worry too much about the future of the movie series.  Not just yet anyway.

Tim Miller is not sitting on his laurels however and is working on adapting one of my favorite novels of the past 10 years; Influx.  It’s a really exciting hard science thriller about a scientist who unwittingly stumbles on a global conspiracy involving an off the books government agency who’s directive it is to effectively control the speed of innovation.  They do this by secretly confiscating disruptive inventions and their associated inventors to prevent the world from falling into chaos due to advancing too much.  If Miller can pull off even a fraction of the action sequences in the book, this will be one of those projects like the original Matrix movie that will blow the collective minds of unsuspecting audiences.

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