News: The Gods of War


We’re suckers for sci-fi fare so this newly announced series is automatically one to watch for us.

Pacific Coast Entertainment is announcing that they plan to develop and produce a 6-8 episode TV show based on their upcoming micro-budget sci-fi movie Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Tentatively titled The Gods of War, the series will see Tracey Birdsall reprising her role from that film.

The story tries to combine Star Wars and Mad Max and is set in a wasteland of the future where humanity struggles against the machine intelligence they created. Production begins in 2016.

Producer Neil Johnson says Gods of War will “be a story-driven epic series similar to the Game of Thrones model. We look to shoot primarily in the US, but it’s expected there’ll be some additional photography in other countries”.

Producer hyperbole aside; we all understand that low budget productions can be hit and miss depending on how their handled, but occasionally we also get small gems. Amanda (Stargate SG1) Tapping’s SANCTUARY was an example of a low budget affair where a good story and characters transcended the production values. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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