News: Supergirl television costume outed

As we reported in the recent past, Melissa Benoist (Glee) will be taking on the moniker of Kara Zor-El / Supergirl for her own television series.  The network had previously given a tease of the costume, but has now seen fit to commit fully and show us the whole shebang.  The direction appears to be a melding of all previous incarnations of the characters screen appearances with particular deference to the recent Man of Steel movie design language.

I make no secret of my dissatisfaction with the Zack Snyder take on the Supes character and costume as I’ve always viewed Superman as the exaggerated optimist of the DCU.  Having such a dark broody take has really done a disservice to the previously unique POV and nature of the character for me.  This new television show could have been the chance to right the ship and fix the tone of the franchise, but alas they’ve decided to stay grim and gloomy — I guess to set themselves apart from Marvel.  Good luck with that.

Is there anything I DO like about this costume, you ask? Not those hooker boots, that’s for sure. Lola would die for them I’m sure.


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