News: SDCC 2014 – Avengers VISION


Is this our first look at the character of Vision in the upcoming Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron?  Marvel has been releasing new comicon exclusive posters each day of the convention that combined show off the sequels character roster hacking it out with their latest nemesis Ultron.  We’ve seen most of the characters in concept and set photos already so, nothing particularly new there.  What had been announced, but that we hadn’t seen yet was The Vision.

In the comics, Ultron is a robot (or android if you prefer) that was created by inventor/scientist and Avenger Ant-Man (Henry “Hank” Pym), but becomes a walking Skynet after it decides that humanity is a pest that needs exterminating.  The Vision in turn is created by Ultron and in an ironic twist of fate, does to its creator what Ultron did to its maker. The Vision shuns its megalomaniacal father and joins the Avengers, eventually helping them defeat Ultron.

Instead of Pym being the creator, Ultron in the films will have been created by Tony Stark, out of a fear that he and humanity are not adequate enough to take on the emerging threat of aliens and super-powered villains.  The Vision’s movie origin may likewise also change.  That’s yet to be fully revealed.  Hopefully we’ll see something on Saturday when Marvel hosts their HALL H panel.

Here’s a more direct comparison to the comic book version of the Vision with that of the film.  What do you think?


Comicbook version (L) vs Movie version (R)

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