News: Rurouni Kenshin sequel images

source: ANN

Anime News Network has a ton of stills and production images for the upcoming Samurai X aka Rurouni Kenshin sequels. Both are based more on the manga than the well known anime series. The first sequel will be out in August with the other coming soon after, in September.

Returning cast of characters are Kenshin Himura, the title character as well as Kaoru Kamiya, Sanosuke Sagara, Megumi Takani, and Hajime Saito.

New characters are Misao Makimachi, Sojiro Seta, Aoshi Shinomori, Nenji Kashiwazaki, Toshimichi Ōkubo, Hirobumi Itō, Yahiko Myōjin, Yumi Komagata, and a host of nameless henchmen.

Here are a couple stills from the recently completed shoot and head over to ANN for much more including more information about the upcoming films and a cool scene that was shown off to journalists.



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