News: Pre-orders of ALIEN ISOLATION will get special NOSTROMO Cast DLC


A very special pre-order incentive has just been announced for the upcoming ALIEN franchise game. In the forthcoming ALIEN: ISOLATION you will play as Ripley’s adult daughter searching for the whereabouts of your mother after the events of the original film. So, the story takes place on a space station and after the events of the Nostromo in the Ridley Scott original.

The DLC then is a welcome addition as it will put gamers in the halls and rooms of the Nostromo and allow them to play through key events from the first film. Most, but not all the original cast members will be playable, but will be voiced by the original cast. Ian Holm’s android is one of those not playable which makes sense.

Based on this news report from IGN, it appears that the DLC involves 2 missions of a larger planned offering so, even if you don’t pre-order the game, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the DLC outright in the future. Seems like a good deal to pre-order though as you’ll save some money.

Teaser trailer below.

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