News: Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Surface

I’m an ardent supporter of original concepts over rehashes and reboots;  I make exceptions for terrible first films with great concepts not great films that need no revisiting.  The original Ghostbusters films fall in the latter category.  That said, if their going to reboot the Ghostbusters I’m all for them changing as much as possible to distinguish themselves from the past.

Paul Feig’s take on the series has made it about women Ghostbusters which helps make it’s mark away from the previous series and I happen to like the casting of Melissa McCarthy more than I’m annoyed by her and even rather heart Kristen Wiig’s quirky characters too.

The pirated set photos making their way onto instagram and twitter via Yahoo are giving us a better look at the direction that’s being taken and it seems to be not too far off the concept.

ghostbusteress kristen wiig

Prof. Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig plays a disgraced professor who’s paper on the existence of the paranormal has had her ejected from her job.  Little does her former employer know that she’s more right than even she thought.  The original film had a similar plot with the team coming from the University system as researchers who’s work had wrangled some less believing feathers.  I think it works.  I’d probably have gone even further in distinguishing the storyline, but I’m not against the more minor change. Makes logical sense.

Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon (SNL) have less developed stories, which is to say we don’t yet know much about their characters, but they appear to be filling the shoes of Ray (Dan Aykroyd) and Egon (Harold Ramis).  They’re basically the more zealous no-compromise ghost hunting believers of the pack.


Melissa McCarthy; Kate McKinnon

Rounding out the cast is Leslie Jones (SNL) as the token black guy/girl aka Winston (Ernie Hudson).  Chris Hemsworth (Thor) will be playing the sexually objectified secretary character, replacing Janine (Annie Potts) from the previous films.  Nerds aren’t attracted to other nerds anymore, it seems.

Original series cast member Dan Aykroyd is producing this film and has spoken quite highly about the new take suggesting that a lot more changes are incoming that will shake up the tone and dynamic long time fans of the franchise are expecting so, there’s still more to be seen.  I’m cautiously optimistic, but only slightly.



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