News: Microsoft unveils the XBOX ONE



Earlier this year, Sony gave gamers a glimpse of the PS4. The company’s next generation console.
This morning, Microsoft did their best to one up them with their own show and tell, their new entertainment in a box, the XBOX ONE.
From the looks of it, they just might have one the next generation and all before the race was even officially started.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Kinect 2.0 brings a leap forward in voice commands and control.

First of its kind on a console, multi-tasking allows you to do multiple things on your gaming system like watch a movie and have a skype video chat with a group of your friends, or maybe play a videogame with the cheats pulled up in a browser…no? that’s probably just me.

Exclusive to XBOX LIVE, The live action Halo tv series to be showrun by Steven Spielberg. Yep, that Spielberg.

Plenty more was shown during the event, but the bulk of the goodies are being saved for the E3 Expo in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for more reveals over the coming days and leading into that major event. It will be interesting to see what Sony comes back with and even more intriguing will be how Nintendo reacts.

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