News: MARVEL TV @ SDCC 2016


Netflix/Marvel dropped the gauntlet at this years San Diego Comicon convention with several sneak peeks at their upcoming streaming adaptations.

AGENTS OF SHIELD gets Ghost Rider

Gabriel Luna will play the Robbie Reyes incarnation of the Rider though technically he’s not really a Ghost Rider as Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch are.  His powers come from being possessed by his serial killer uncle’s spirit.  Very little is known about how Ghost Rider plays into the new season. Could be as a new team member of Coulson’s SHIELD unit or something less. We’ll have to wait for the shows new season which kicks off this fall.  [Editor’s side note: Might they choose to make this lesser known GR an InHuman? Something to speculate about]

No footage was shown obviously, but a neat teaser trailer was shown which confirms that a third season is definitely on its way. No release date was announced, but expect it sometime in 2017.

Danny Rand got teased in a less than a minute look which showed a young Rand escaping death when his flight crashes and he’s saved from a cold fate by some mysterious Far Eastern monks. No martial arts anywhere in the footage, but we get a hint of his ability (though no special effectified fists) when he punches a door clean off its hinges. This first look really won’t excite folks that don’t know the source material, but the layman should get the hint that there’s something more hidden below all the mystery. I’d have appreciated a high kick or two, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

As is par for the course with Marvel, we get to see a recap of all the currently available seasons for those who’ve yet to leave their comfortable cave dwelling existence. As sizzles go, this is a pretty good show of the quality content we’ve been afforded thus far and even a few hints of what’s coming down the pike. All the current and future properties are shown off in brief glimpses. All quite cool.

The main event. Luke Cage cast were trotted out to talk about the show. A really great cast of familiar and new faces. Mike Coulter we know will be the titular character. Introduced in the first season of Jessica Jones, Luke’s solo outing will be shifting locations from Hell’s Kitchen to Harlem. The main villains will be Cottonmouth played by Mahershala Ali (The 4400, House of Cards, Hunger Games). Cottonmouth will be a flashy night club owner with a dark and violent side. Music will play a big role with famous singers and bands like Faith Evans and Raphael Saddiq (and others) making cameos throughout the 13 episode season. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker (Ray Donovan, Southland) tells press that the music will mainly fall into the 90s era.

For fans of the source material we can look forward to peripheral supporting characters including Misty Knight & Colleen Wing; Diamondback, Black Mariah (Alfre Woodard), among others. I’m interested to see how they use Black Mariah in particular as in my humble view she has the potential to be a big bad on the level of a Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. Also, it would be too cool if they found a way to link Woodard’s Mariah to the character she played in Civil War. Word has been that they’re not the same person, but it would be nice if they found a way to make them the same character. It would make her originally sympathetic character so much more insidious. Fingers crossed.

Footage shown during the panel involved fun dialog scenes between Mariah and Cottonmouth; Misty Knight and Luke Cage (he gets lucky again); various scenes of violence.



The teaser for The upcoming Avengers-like team series is pretty neat. It’s a cool concept of news paper, posters, and various wallpapering being torn off a wall to reveal a phantom hand reaching out towards us. As each strip is unpeeled we see and hear glimpses of each character that will be a part of the future team-up. Punisher will be among the cast which is really great news. Cannot wait for this one!

That’s it as far as news goes. More to come as we learn it from this year’s Comicon.

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