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batmanSuperman_featureBoth the dueling comics studios of DC and MARVEL had big surprises during the annual Comic Convention in San Diego.  Warner Brothers via director Zack Snyder, revealed that the next installment of the Man of Steel franchise has been green-lit and rather than be a pure Superman sequel, will instead be a Superman + Batman film. Actor Harry Lennix read a line from Frank Miller’s seminal Batman The Dark Knight Returns (pg 195) that heavily suggests a non-friendly confrontation between The Batman and Man of Steel. This announcement gives us an idea where DC is headed. It confirms their intentions; The Justice League. Things are about to get very interesting.

UltronMarvel, for their part made just as significant an announcement when they revealed the title of their Avengers sequel;  AGE OF ULTRON. This was significant because the last film had seemed to imply a villain already; THANOS, the death obsessed super-being.  Instead, this title reveal suggests (and has been confirmed) that the actual big bad of the second Avengers film will be the super-AI Ultron.  This adds a very interesting crinkle to the future of the Marvel movie universe. Of particular interest to me is not so much what was said, but what wasn’t.

Does the existence of Ultron mean we could start to see other android characters introduced? The Vision and Jocasta come to mind. Although, being that Tony Stark is likely the creator of Ultron in this film (see video below), it might also change origins for the other creations. In the comics, Ultron is the creation of Hank Pym (Ant-Man). Jocasta and Vision are both creations of Ultron, the latter being based on Hank Pym’s wife (Wasp/Janet van Dyne). Would the change of creator also necessitate a change of the creations? For example, would The Vision instead of being a creation of Ultron become another Tony Stark creation, built as means of fighting Ultron? and in the same vein, could a hypothetical Jocasta be based on Pepper Potts rather than Janet.

I imagine we’ll be speculating about the possibilities for some time to come. Where do you think the stories are headed?


Joss Whedon on what Age of Ultron really means


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