News: James Bond coming to comics with Warren Ellis at the helm

James Bond cover by Dom Reardon

JAMES BOND cover by Dom Reardon

CBR has a great interview exclusive behind the scenes of what to expect from this just announced pairing of a great spy caper with one of the top writers in the industry, Warren Ellis.  We won’t take too much away from the interview. We encourage you to go read it for yourself, but here are the highlights.

Warren Ellis as we mentioned will be the writer of this ongoing series.  For those unfamiliar, he’s a very prolific writer who’s responsible in huge part for the version of Iron Man that we’ve all seen on the big screen.  He’s also the writer of the comicbook RED which inspired the Bruce Willis ensemble action-comedy.  One of my favorite of his books, however, is GLOBAL FREQUENCY which is probably one of the coolest concepts that’s yet to make it to film. They made it to pilot, but it wasn’t a very good pilot and the show idea died.  Oh, i digress.  Ellis is contracted for roughly one year worth of comics, but the Bond Estate contract is a 10 year contract.  The publisher will be announcing other writer/artist teams to tackle other specific Bond storylines in addition to Ellis’ work.

Interior art will be coming to us from South African magazine artist turned comics artist James Masters.  He’s an artist who’s most recently drew the post-Logan comic WOLVERINES.  He prides himself on being able to draw in multiple styles and indeed has shown that he can.  I love that he can’t be pinned down to a specific look and instead can be counted on to draw to a style that best suits the material.  From Frank Quietly-like thin distorted pencils to Heavy-handed Ethan Van Sciver style.  We haven’t seen any interior work just yet, but I hope it’s close to that Dom Reardon cover above.  Masters was hand picked by Warren Ellis so, that’s good news.

The publisher will be Dynamic Entertainment which might disappoint some, but we have to keep an open mind here folks. They’ve made some good choices on creative team so far so, let’s see where they take it.

Good to hear that the Ellis stories will not be limited to strict translations of the source material (Novels), but it appears that Ellis will be keeping the respect of the character while bringing him solidly into our present (I’ll use that word loosely as I don’t imagine the tech will be very now).

source: Comicbook Resources


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